Friday, September 3, 2010

"Visual Memory" Altered Picture Frame

I was inspired to make this birthday gift for my mom's, friend's 50th surprise birthday from Fawn, a friend of mine, over at Always Chasing Life. She posted this adorable altered picture frame she bought for $1.00 at Michael's.

 On the invite it says to bring your favorite memory on a note card. I thought instead of a note card, I would make her something she can hang and admire. There is a picture on one side and then my written memory on the other. My mom's friend is a cancer survivor. She is a strong woman and I wanted to create a visual memory of just how strong she really is! 

You can see here the stamped image coming through the paint.

The is the written memory. She can flip back and forth between the picture and the memory whenever she wants to change it up.

She loves paisleys so, I made a paisley bird! Tweet! Tweet!

This frame not for sale. =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Glass Magnets

I saw these types of magnets a while back and have just gotten around to them. I have been scouring through blogs I follow to remember where I saw them but for the life of me, I could not find it. If you posted this let me know so I can give credit where it is due. 

I love refrigerator magnets. Anything to spruce it up and add a little color. The colors in my kitchen are black and white with a splash of teal. These are fairly simple to make too! The short "How To" is at the bottom.

How To:

Purchase the large clear stone beads that you would put into a vase (I got mine at Michael's for $2.50). 
Pick out fabric and/or paper you like. I did a mixture of both paper and fabric. 
Trace the stone on your choice of paper or fabric then cut it out.
 I added some stamping such as the crown, butterflies, and arrow. 
Then, Mod Podge it to the underside of the stone. Make sure you Mod Podge it facing up!!  
Glue on a magnet and viola! 
A magnet that is stylish and chic! I am a sucker for chic! =)

Custom orders available!