Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fabric Flower Baby Headband & Matching Onesie

One of my friend's and her husband are expecting their first child. They are having a baby girl and her baby shower was this weekend. It was the first time seeing her since we have moved back home. The shower was adorable and so was the mother-to-be! The invite said to bring a plain, white onesie or bib to decorate. Isn't that a cute idea?!? I went equipped with my glue gun and pre-made fabric flowers! I am crazy, I know. =) 

I made the headband before the shower and...
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made the onesie at the Shower.

Here is the matching set!! 
I hope she likes it!!
Hurry up Baby T so you can wear it!=)

Custom orders available!


  1. How adorable!! I am expecting baby girl number three - just bought a couple cute bloomers and want to match them with a flower onesie and headband. I create hair accessories for a living, but have not tried the onesie - yours is sooo cute! Can't wait to try it now!

  2. how did you make the flower? are the petals on the same level separates or 1 piece? i really love it i wanna make one too.

  3. Isn't that so cool? I wish I came up with it myself but I didn't. A very talented lady named Rhonna designed them. They are sooo pretty and fairly easy to make. Check out the tutorial here.

    Instead of hand sewing them, I use a hot glue gun. Have fun!! =)

  4. sooo cute :) gotta try it myself...thanks for the idea!


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