Monday, June 20, 2011

Surprise Dental School Graduation Party! (Picture Heavy)

Check out the story behind it all here!
He was utterly shocked! I love it! I still can't believe we got him.

The Candy Bar!


"Dr. Rohl needs your business! Have some CANDY!"
For some details about the table runner, click here!


"FIlling Removers"
Gummy Teeth

 "RED & BLUE Sugar Bugs"

"Slobber Stoppers"
Chocolate covered marshmallows

 "Crown Crackers"

"Lost Teeth"
Tooth shaped milk chocolate

"Rotten Teeth"
Chocolate Rice Krispie Shaped Teeth

 "Spare Set"
Milk Chocolate and Rice Krispie Shaped Dentures

All my goodies in my candy cone!!

Display Board
If you haven't seen the invitation, check it out here!

"Words of Wisdom for Dr. Rohl"

I made 12 centerpieces for each table. All of the centerpieces featured a different dental comics in the frame which made it fun for people to go around to each table and read them all as well as mingle and meet new people.
This picture was taken right after decorating so the toppers weren't in the cupcakes yet. =(

 There are the yummy cupcakes with their fun toppers! =)

There was a full sit down meal including Lino's amazing house salad, pasta and of course spumoni. Also, there were 2 pizza bars on each side of the venue. I think everyone ate very well! The food was great!


Lino's Restaurant! YUM!

Congratulations to my amazing, hard working husband! 
I am so proud of you! 

To all of you who helped keep this a huge secret and for all of your help...Thank you! We are SO GOOOOD!!!!

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  1. awesome job! Looks like you guys had so much fun :)

  2. Thanks Fawn! We had a blast. I had a blast after I finally got him there! He is so hard to surprise. =) Looking forward to seeing Maddux's next party. He is such a doll!!

  3. Jon is one lucky man. You threw him a party to remember. You are so creative. I am so glad you are going to be my sister! Love you!

  4. Did you do the lettering on all of the signs free-hand or was the wording stenciled?

    1. All the treat signs were hand stamped. I used the Cricut on some of the other decorations and the "Dr. Rohl Needs Your Business" sign I hand drew. It was a lot of work but so worth it!!

    2. What did you use to get the ribbon to adhere to the glass candy jars?

    3. What did you use for the HAND STAMPING? Stencils?

  5. Hi...I'm planning a dental business anniversary party. LOVE your candy bar! Where did you get the gummy teeth and chocolate dentures?

  6. Mary, It has been a while since the party so I can't exactly remember where I ordered the gummie teeth from but it was online. Same with the dentures except, those were molds and I just used almond bark. All of the teeth were hand drawn, traced and cut out by me. The stamps were the dollar bin alphabet sets from Micheals. The ribbon was glued to itself with a hot glue gun tight enough to not fall down. Hope this helps. 😄


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