Friday, July 30, 2010

"Trinity" Baby Sign

This sign was ordered for a little girl who loves purple, pink, butterflies, and fairies. The fairies are actually stamps by Recollections called "Beautiful fairies." The butterflies are from Tinker Bell and Friends as well as the name.It is hard to see but the sign sparkles just a little bit. Lots of glitter, sparkle and fun. I am into the whole ruffle thing as is everyone else so I of course had to add a ruffle to the ribbon. =) 

 Lucky for me, the little girls name had all the letters except for the "Y" in the "Tinker Bell" cut. I had to put the "Y" together with some of the other letters, if that makes any sense. 

 I had to cut out the stamped images piece by piece to turn them into paper. I customized some of the pieces.

Custom orders available! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Won! I Won!

I follow this super cute blog called And Everything Sweet She is super talented. She does a lot of cakes, treats, and decor which are all incredibly cute. Anyway, she saw a cupcake stand in a boutique and thought she would make her own. Then she decided to do a giveaway. She had made a few cupcake stands and you had to leave a comment and let her know which one was your favorite. So I entered the giveaway and because of my love of polka dots and pink, I had to pick the pink and  black polka dot stand!! 

And, you will never guess...your right...I WON!!! I am so very excited and grateful! Plus she linked to my blog. Isn't that nice? I thought so too! Here is the link to the cupcake stand *HERE*. Just had to share my exciting news. =) WOOHOO...okay I am done now!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

I thought I would give the fabric flower necklace a "go." It was a lot of fun to make. I think it turned out pretty nice. I am really into the black, white, and grey combos. I just think it is so classic!

Custom orders available

Fabric Flower Headband

I had no intention of making this today. I had this color fabric and after making the roses, I decided I didn't like the color combined with some other roses. So, I made this headband! Things never go to waste with me! =)

Custom orders available

"Carson" Baby Sign

I received an order to do a Baby Sign to match the new baby's nursery. It is going to be a surprise for the new mommy. I was given a few photos to use. It had such cute inspiration. This is what I came up with. I used New Arrival, Animal Kingdom, and Dinosaur Tracks. I also used Mod Podge Gloss to seal the sign. I hope you like it!! =)

The giraffe is from New Arrival and I customized it by adding the snout and the spots.

The palm trees are from Dinosaur Tracks. I added the coconuts. It just isn't a palm tree with out them  lol! 

My monkey inspiration.

The monkey is from New Arrival. Just a little customizing went in to him.

This is a name sign already in the nursery. I love Polka Dots! 

"The baby's bedding that  I matched the sign to."

The tiger is from Animal Kingdom and I again customized it by adding paws, a tummy, and a tail.

The frog is from New Arrival but I only used the head. The body was hand drawn to match the frog on the blanket. The elephant is also from New Arrival and not very much customizing done there.

Thanks for looking! Have a great day! =)

Custom orders available

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flower Push Pin Video Tutorials & Cork Board Pic Tutorial!!!

This is so exciting! These are my very first video tutorials!! Yes, I had to make my own camera stand but I think it worked out okay. lol The tutorials are on how to make the flower push pins. You can make all different kinds. These are just the ones that I came up with. 

1) Rosebud Push Pin

2) Ruffle / Frilly Flower Push Pin

3) Tulle Singed Flower Push Pin

4) Dainty Flower Push Pin
Part of this flower I got from Rhonna Designs. Check out her blog for more info on making these gorgeous fabric flowers

5) Black & White Flower Push Pin
Saved my favorite for last...hehe!! =)
 If you have any questions about any of the flowers or want to let me know what I can do to better my video tutorials then leave me a comment. Feedback is greatly appreciated. =)

Cork Board Tutorial

I used Krylon Interior-Exterior Ultra-Flat Black spray paint.
I sprayed them outside on a drop cloth. I also spray painted the back edges as well. It dried fairly quickly too which was nice and had great coverage!

Once dry, I used Mod Podge Gloss and coated all of the edges. You want to try and do very even strokes when using Mod Podge because it can leave streaks. 

Mod Podge has dried. I had to eye the cork board while tracing the lines. The inside of the tray was very intricate. It definitely wasn't perfect but it works. An ideal Frame would be one with square or circle interior. It's much easier to cut your cork to fit.

I attached my  hard wear with hot glue...of course lol.

Glue in your cork. I used 3 layers of cork because I accidentally bought the wrong thickness. Oh well, you live, you learn! =)

Adorn your new custom made push pin flowers!! 

Thanks for checking all of these out. I know it was a long one. I hope you made it through and most of all I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Have a great day! =)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Refurb'd Cork Board

I found these trays a few months ago but have been way to busy to make cork boards out of them. Everyone is starting to make them now. Its funny how we all get the same idea at the same time! lol Anyway, these trays came as a set of 2. I just think they are so ugly but they are just perfect for my vision of a corkboard. I can't wait to use it! I got the push pin idea from Greenbean's Crafterole. She has some really cute push pins that she made. I will be posting the tutorial tomorrow! For now, enjoy the pics! =)

Pretty push pins! =)

I don't know why these turn sideways when I post them....

Sideways again...