Sunday, November 22, 2009

I finally painted my Cricut...Nervewrecking!!!

I have the Personal Cricut. It was so difficult to paint. It has a ton of nooks and crannies!! The handle was the hardest and unfortunately mine looks terrible. Oh well, you live, you learn, right?
I did use dimensional stickers only because the certain type had a fawn and I couldn't resist!!
Hence the "Fawn"!!
You can kind of see the handle area and how "unclean" it looks in the above picture. I like the flowers though!

I think maybe the E might be easier to paint! Hopefully that will be a better paint job whenever I get one of those!


  1. It's yours, and it's adorable... great job! I love your work... you are very talented! I love your baby arrangements! I am Beatriz from "Amazing Grace" blog. Thanks for joining my blog, I just joined yours. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Uu uu this is awesome, I want to do mine’s too. What kind of paint did you use?


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