Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick Hand Sanitizer & Distress Ink Experiment

I had a crazy thought today. While working with some distress inks, I had planned on using the water technique that Tim Holtz demonstrates here (scroll down just a bit and you will see the water in his hand). However, I glanced across my craft table and noticed some hand sanitizer...Hmmmmmmm...

I will show you pictures of distress inks used with hand sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol.

The pic below shows the hand sanitizer applied to the paper noted by the black arrows. The last color I used was faded jeans so I thought it was awesome that the hand sanitizer pulled out the blue.
 After applying my heat embosser, the blue spots bleach out to white. If you don't heat emboss, the blue will stay

The second pic shows the reaction of distress inks with hydrogen peroxide noted by the black arrows. You can now see the "bleached out" areas where the hand sanitizer was heated.

The third pic shows the reaction of rubbing alcohol noted by the black arrows. 

This pic shows the reaction of water noted by the blue arrows and the reaction of hand sanitizer noted by the black arrows. What did I use this background for? Check out the next post and you will see. Time to put all of my test tubes, flasks, and beakers away. =)

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun experimenting!

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  1. this is fabulous! this is how amazing techniques are invented.... totally cool, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your comments and stopping by my blog! It is so nice to read what you think!! Have a great day! =)