Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Bliss" Canvas Wall Hanging

I made this for my brother and his fiancé.  I believe this picture was taken the night my brother proposed. It is a perfect representation of bliss they feel. The elegrunge (elegant-grunge = I like to make up my own words haha) fits them both so well. I can't wait to give it to them!

My elegrunge flowers are made with paper and screen door material. I got my inspiration for the paper portion of the flowers from Lisa over at She has amazing tutorials and is such a talented woman. 

Bliss- Perfect Happiness; Serene Joy. 

Close up of the green and blue ink peeking through the distressed paint.

I am addicted to It is free for most of the features but I had to upgrade. It's only $25.00 for a year. As much as I use it definitely makes it worth it! 
I stole the pic from my future sister's facebook page. I'm so sneaky!! mwuahhahahaha! 


I added some flourishes and the word bliss as well.

Not for sale.
Custom orders available.

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