Sunday, November 22, 2009

I finally painted my Cricut...Nervewrecking!!!

I have the Personal Cricut. It was so difficult to paint. It has a ton of nooks and crannies!! The handle was the hardest and unfortunately mine looks terrible. Oh well, you live, you learn, right?
I did use dimensional stickers only because the certain type had a fawn and I couldn't resist!!
Hence the "Fawn"!!
You can kind of see the handle area and how "unclean" it looks in the above picture. I like the flowers though!

I think maybe the E might be easier to paint! Hopefully that will be a better paint job whenever I get one of those!

Zoey's New Dog bowl holder!

It was originally a blackish color. I had to paint it!
The holder without the bowls. I love polka dots!!
The holder with the bowls in place.
She is sniffing and checking everything out. But, does she like it?
I think we have a winner!!!!