Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fishing Gift Card Holder

My husband is a huge, and I mean HUGE fisherman. The amount of money my supplies cost doesn't even begin to touch the amount his cost!!! Anyway, he really wanted to thank a fishing buddy for a taking him out a few times on his boat to fish. They talk all the time on the phone. They are like 2 little girls and they crack me up. His friend recommended a restaurant to us that he just raved about. We went and now my husband is raving about it. We got his buddy a gift card to the restaurant to let him know how much my husband appreciates everything he has done for him. 

This is the paper I used from my Hand sanitizer and Distress Ink Experiment if you would like to see how the background was made. 

I used a small fishing hook, brad and fishing line to keep the gift card holder closed until time to open. Don't worry. I cut off the sharp end and dulled the tip out. =)

They mostly fish for Bass so I had picked up a Bass stamp awhile ago. I knew it would come in handy!

The inside before the gift card is in place.

Again, I used a hook and put it through the fish's mouth. A polymer knot was even tied to the hook with fishing line by none other than yours truly...me (I do a little fishing as well (= ).

I used some waves that I made for another project a while back that I didn't end up using. It worked out great for the pocket the gift card fits into. YAY!!

The holder with the gift card now in place.

Tutorial to Follow

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