Sunday, June 19, 2011

Surprise Dental Graduation Party - The Story

I have been waiting FOREVER to show you all what I will be posting very soon.  As you all know, my husband just graduated dental school. He didn't have an undergrad graduation party so I decided to do a surprise graduation party for him when he received his doctorate. He worked so hard to achieve this great accomplishment and I wanted to do something awesome to show him how proud I am of him. I started this project in February of 2011. My husband is very nosy and asks a lot of random questions. I knew this was going to be difficult to pull off. I can't even buy him a birthday or Christmas gift without him knowing...he is no fun!! 

So, I went into cahoots with my mother-in law and she had a great idea of how to elude him. We disguised the party as a sweet-sixteen birthday party in July for a friend of hers. I told my husband that I was doing this sweet-sixteen party for cost of materials because it was his mom's good friend. Almost all purchases were made by his mother. He took the bait and we ran with it. I made everything, for the most part, right in front of him. I even showed him some stuff and asked his opinion. He of course would say things along the lines of, "Yeah, looks good." I was dying inside of laughter. 

We deemed the week before his party the "Week of Lies" otherwise known as WOL. I even had to break into my own house with my mother-in-law to get stuff while he was gone (we only have one car and he had dropped me off at his parent's house that same morning). I ended up pulling one of the curtain rods out of the wall on accident while climbing in...oops! How on earth could I explain that if I wasn't even at home?!? As soon as he and I got home that evening, I pretended to trip and fall towards the window, thereby grabbing the curtain and pulling it out of the wall. I could not believe that he bought it! But who cares, he did! 

It is so extremely hard to lie. I was exhausted!

It was a lot of work putting it all together but it was also a lot of fun! 

Stay tuned to check out all the goodies from his party!

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