Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Dylan" Baby Sign

I made this for a little boy who loves turtles. What better than a giant turtle with your name on it!! Thanks for checking out my blog! =) 

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  1. Love it!! Let's just say Dylan is going to be one happy camper, I mean turtle:)

  2. wow i been looking around your blog.I missed the posts you did on my anya princess card.It just poped out??? hmmm anyways yeah trust me i'm not that good with the markers lol! I'm ok not good lol!

    LET ME TELL YOU YOUR SIGNS ARE AWSOME!! I love the cubie one!! yup CUBS FANS HERE! I use to craft but i got an invite to a cardmaking yahoo group and i was hooked. I wish i knew how to do your signs though.I teach you how to use copics from the little that i know lol! and you teach me how to do your signs lol!! I'll be looking out for your next creation,Rubym:)

  3. Thanks so much Sammye Jo! Your whole blog is cute!! =)


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