Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baseball Tutorial

In a moment of desperation, this is what I came up with to make half of a baseball. As I frantically went through the house looking for half a sphere I came across a soup ladle and had an idea...

Soup Ladle
Tin Foil
Clear Embossing Powder
Embossing Gun
Embossing Pad
White Acrylic Paint
Red Flock (You can use red embossing powder if you would like)
Thin tipped glue applicator. (I used glossy accents from Inkssentials)
Mod Podge (Matte or Glossy)

Step 1: Measure a piece of tin foil and cut. Wrap the tin foil around your ladle. You will get creases from the tin foil so just press down in those areas to get them as flat as possible.
Step 2: Tuck the excess tin foil inside the ladle.
Step 3: With your embossing pad, press down all over the ladle multiple times to ensure nooks and crannies have been reached.
Step 4: Pour embossing powder over all surfaces of the ladle. Hold the ladle over a a bowl or plate to catch the excess embossing powder.
Step 5: Use your embossing gun to heat emboss the powder. This can become extremely hot so don't touch the tin foil. If you see vacant areas of embossing powder, just keep dipping the hot ladle into the excess embossing powder in the bowl or on the plate. Re-heat emboss. You can do as many layers as you would like. Some might melt off the sides but you can cut that off later.
Step 6: Once cooled off, remove the tin foil from the ladle and cut off the edges.

Step 7: Paint the tin foil with the white acrylic paint.

Step 8: Draw in the seams with a thin marker. Apply glossy accents over the seam lines you just drew and add the red flock over the top. Shake off the excess.

Step 9: After the glue has dried, blow along the seams to remove any flock that did not adhere and paint over entire baseball surface with Mod Podge.

Step 10: Let dry and figure out how you want to adhere it. I used some paper and wire so that the ball actually has movement.

Step 11: You are done!!

The end product of this can be find on the "Charlie" sign.


  1. Clever! Did you come up with that?

    I am sensing it would be perfect for a coconut bra (smaller version) for a hula dancer.

    Very inspiring you are.

  2. I did come up with it I just don't know how I came up with it lol! I was desperate for a baseball. I am too think that would be perfect for a coconut bra. Very cool idea!! I am glad I inspired you! =)


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