Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Running Stitch Fabric Flower Tutorial

I love when a sudden idea hits me and then I am able to put it into use. I love all the fabric flowers everyone makes but wanted to come up with one of my very own. I love to do running "stitch & scrunch" flowers but wanted one that had petal shapes too. Here is my tutorial on how to do a double running stitch fabric flower. 
Check out what I made with this fabric flower HERE!

You will need:
Material of your choice
2 Needles (both threaded)
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Cut a piece of material to your thickness. The thicker = the bigger.

Step 2: Fold the material in half as shown below.

 Step 3: Do a running stitch to attach the open ends but do not scrunch them. Make sure you leave the thread long enough so it does not come undone.

Step 4: Starting about an inch (your preference; could be shorter could be longer depending on length of your material) from the end of your material, make a running stitch vertically.

Step 5: Then, make a continuous running stitch back down the way you came.
Step 6: Scrunch the material just like the pic below and tie off your knot.
 Step 7: Work your way down the material until your strip of fabric looks like the pic below.

 Step 8: Form it in a circular fashion until the open ends of the fabric meet. Do the same double running stitch to close the ends, scrunch it and tie off your knot. 

Your flower should look something like the flower below. You can make your petals concave or convex. It is your choice. 
Now your flower is ready to be adorned!!

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