Monday, October 12, 2009

Door Decor

These are some spring decorations that I made using a wire hanger or 2 and fake flowers. I made the "H" & the big butterfly for my mom and the orange "R" for my friend who just got married. The pink and green butterfly and the dark purple and green "R'' is for my door. They were fun to make!! Heck, it's all fun to make! =)

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This is a Fall wreath that I made for my mom to hang on her door! Not too much sparklies in this one but just enough! This one was by far the trickiest to make!

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This is a wreath that I made for my mom's friend for Christmas. I just loved the funkiness and of course the sparklies on it!

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This is my winter wreath that I made this year. I am not a fan of winter but am very excited to hang this one up!!

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This is my fall wreath I made in 2008. I had a lot of fun making this one.
This is an altered Christmas wreath. I bought the main portion from Pier 1 Imports and later decided to jazz it up with sparklies. I love Sparklies!! This one is also from 2008.

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