Monday, October 12, 2009

"Olivia Lynn" 1st Baby Sign

This sign is also for the same friend that I made the "Stork" Diaper Cake for. The Designs matches her nursery but can grow up with her and not be a "baby" sign.

Trust me there is glitter on there!!! haha...It is brown so it kind of blends in. =)


  1. What unusual but beautiful colors for a nursery. Love the baby's name too. Great job on this! You've got a great start to your blog. Thanks for visiting mine and becoming a follower. I'm originally from Hinsdale and miss Chicago (but not the weather. LOL) xxD

  2. This is very adorable!! Hi, it's Raquelle from Simply Adorable Keepsakes! I am now an official follower of your blog too!! Your wedding colors are soooooo pretty!! :O)


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